Western Wisconsin Technical College- La Crosse Campus

Electronics Club Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the Western Wisconsin Technical College Electronics Club, referred to as the Electronics Club hereinafter.


The Purpose of the Electronics Club is this :

1.       To increase comradry and fellowship in the electronics industry.

2.       To share ideas and knowledge of the electronics community and to become better acquainted with the requirements of our industry

3.       Field trips – to plan field trips to various companies that are in different fields and to invite people in those different fields to come in and speak to memberships.

4.       To spread the word about the WWTC electronics program and to amplify interest in our exciting field of study

Parliamentary Authority

The Parliamentary Authority shall be the latest version of Roberts Rules of order.

Article 1 – Officers

Section 1. Duties of Officers:

Ω President

1.       The President is responsible for the conduct of each meeting.

2.       The President is a token member of all standing committees

3.       The President has the power to appoint committees as necessary for the operation of the organization.

4.       The President has the power to call any special meetings as deemed necessary.

ω Vice President

1.       Shall assist the President in performing his/her duties

2.       Shall assume the position of President in the absence of the President.

λ Secretary/Historian

1.       Is to keep all minutes and notices to be posted.

2.       Is to assist the President with whatever duties are necessary for the betterment of the organization.

3.       Is to be responsible for any articles submitted to the school newspaper ( the ZEAL).

4.        Is to be the official representative to the student government on the behalf of the organization.

5.       Is to be responsible for the historical reports of the organization in a reasonable manner.

Β Treasurer

1.       Is to be responsible for the collections of monies for the club, and depositing them with the proper school officials.

2.       Is to be responsible for those duties assigned to the President, for the betterment of the organization.

Section 2 Election of Officers

1.       The election of officers for the year shall be held at the last regularly scheduled meeting during the preceding Spring Semester.

2.       The officers are allowed to serve two consecutive terms.


Article 1 – Voting

Section 1 Requirement:

1.       Must be a member in good standing of the organization.

2.       Standard Parliamentary Laws apply.

Section 2 Election in General:

1.       President is to be in charge of the election  for the next term of officers

2.       Nominations can be made from the floor for all officers.

Section 3 Special Elections:

1.       Any special elections shall be held at the first available meeting after a vacancy occurs, other than for President, whereas, the Vice President shall assume those duties.

Article 3 – Meetings

Section 1. Meeting Times:

1.       Shall be determined at the beginning of each semester as to the convenience of the members.

2.       Special meeting can be called, when necessary, by the President.

Article 4 – Finances

Section 1 Raising of Funds:

1.       Shall be raised by the organization through activities determined by the membership at the regular meeting.

2.       Shall be used for activities and supplies for the organization.

Article 5 – committees

Section 1 Members

1.       Positions within a committee are to be determined by the committee members

Section 2 Reasons for committees:

1.       Social Events.

2.       New Projects.

3.       Professional Reasons

4.       Fund Raising Projects.

Article 6 – Adoption

The above articles were accepted be the membership at the regular meeting, September 14, 2001


President _______________________________________________________

Vice President ___________________________________________________


Treasurer _______________________________________________________

Advisor __________________________________________________________

Member _________________________________________________________

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Member _________________________________________________________

Date __9/14/01___